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GDPR Compliance: trust the experts

Compliance with GDPR is a delicate and complex issue and often underestimated where professionals and businesses get lost.

GDPR Compliance and Cookie Policy regulations: what they entail

Let's examine together the new cookie guidelines applicable since Janury 2022. We will explore the concept of GDPR, what the term 'cookie policy' means, its significance, and the specific regulations of this legislation that deeply concerns the digital realm.

Business Privacy and GDPR compliance: how to proceed

Let's discuss privacy and GDPR compliance at the company level. We aim to clarify any doubts you might have on this topic. For instance: "Is my website compliant with the privacy regulations? Am I at risk of sanctions? How can I quickly comply to avoid sanctions?" If you asked yourself any of these questions, this is the article for you!

Privacy audit and review: what is it and how does it work?

Does your business need to assess risk management and compliance to the latest regulations?

Brand Reputation and legal protection

Brand Reputation: what are the main threats to your brand and how can you effectively protect your trademark online?

Social account closure, here's how to avoid it

If you own a business or are part of one, it's crucial to be aware of the potential closure of your social media account. Nowadays, this is an indispensable tool that cannot be underestimated, given it pertains to the most tangible image of your activity. Let's discuss the risk of account closure on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

Website privacy compliance, how it works

Privacy compliance for your website is essential. Your portal is filled with content and already set up to be visible on Google, but only then you realize that it needs privacy settings. This is a fundamental aspect to operate online with utmost precision and in compliance with the rules. Let's see how to allow users to navigate your website, while fully adhering to the regulations.

Computer forensics

Experience in court as a lawyer is just one part of the job. Especially in recent years, the use of the Internet and computer systems have become fundamental for daily activities. In this context, legal IT has evolved.

Unfair competition

Ensure the safety of your brand in the digital world. We offer legal protection services for your brand, including protection against copyright infringements, improper trademark use, and much more.

GDPR consultation, our service at Polimeni.Legal

If you're looking for a legal advice on GDPR compliance and privacy law, Polimeni.Legal is the right firm for you. Keeping up with current regulations isn't straightforward, but it's essential for any business. It's indeed vital for all operations to work in full respect of privacy protection.

Brand strategy contract

Find out information on the main features of a legal advice about contracts concerning brand strategy.

SEO consultation contract

Find out all the useful information to understand the SEO consultation contract, learn about its provisions, and discover the main clauses.

Digital campaign management contract

Let's delve into what digital campaigns, how to draft a campaign management contract, and which clauses to include for enhanced protection.

Software license agreement

Over time, various professionals have approached our Law Firm to request the drafting of a software license agreement. What is the underlying need for this request? It is to clarify any potential ambiguities in the contract concerning the rights and obligations of the parties.

Website development contract

How is the relationship between the website creator and the company or individual requesting its creation regulated? What are the critical issues in the website creation contract?

App development contract: how it works

An app development contract is complex. Learn how to draft it correctly and request consultation from us to create one.

Web marketing contract

Do you need to draft or sign a web marketing contract? Ask Studio Polimeni.Legal.

Copyright: how it is protected

Are you a copywriter? A photographer or a freelancer? If you want to know more about copyright and how to protect it, read here!

Right of withdrawal

Ensure proper management of the right of withdrawal in your e-commerce. We provide legal advice for correct practice.

DPO (Data Protection Officer): what it is and what it entails

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is a role that Polimeni.Legal offers to many businesses. Do you work in e-commerce, are you a professional, or do you have a company? No problem! Let's clear up any doubts on this topic, thanks to years of experience as a DPO for numerous entities.


Protect your presence on Facebook. We offer legal advice for drafting effective social media marketing contracts.

Cyber fraud

Defend yourself against cyber fraud. We provide legal advice to protect you and your business from online attacks.

Gambling: how to structure a gaming site

If you're considering opening a gambling website, please read this carefully. Find out the initial guidelines for a gambling site, how it's structured, and the regulations that must be adhered to.

Affiliate marketing contract

Let's discover the main features of an Affiliate Marketing contract and why it's beneficial for both parties.

E-mail marketing contract

Let's deepen the legal context of e-mail marketing campaigns, how to structure the contract between the professional (service provider) and the client, and how to gain more protection with the support of lawyers specialized in internet law.

Hosting contract

Do you want to host your website in the server space of a hosting provider? Where to start to understand what's involved? Fear not, the internet law experts at Polimeni.Legal are here to answer your questions!

Influencer marketing contract

The influencer marketing contract, also known as a Brand Ambassador or sponsorship contract, is an agreement to customize according to the interests and needs of the parties. Let's depeen this issue!

Copyright licensing contract

Creatives are well acquainted with copyright and the various implications of a licensing agreement. Here are the main details about the copyright licensing agreement.

Social Media Marketing contract

On this page, you will find useful information to protect Web Agencies and Social Media Managers during their social management and consulting tasks.

Contract for Google ADS campaigns

Find out information about the contract governing a consultancy services for Google ADS promotional campaigns, the main challenges faced by professionals, and the clauses to include for better protection.


Develop your business on Instagram safely. We assist you in drafting social media marketing contracts to protect your brand.

Removal from search engines

Remove unwanted content from search engines. We provide legal advice about removal services to protect your online reputation.

Prize operations

Ensure the success of your prize operations. We offer legal advice for the creation of effective contests and promotions.

Online child pornography

Combat online child pornography. We provide legal assistance to address and report such a serious and sensitive crime.


Maximize your strategy on Pinterest. We provide legal advice for drafting social media marketing contracts.

Website Privacy: what the policy says

Polimeni.Legal deals with everything concerning the Privacy Policy for websites. Contact us here to learn more!

Characteristics of a software development contract

Find here information about the main clauses of the Software Development Contract, about copyright on the source code, and the importance of drafting a comprehensive and exhaustive agreement for better protection.

Trademark registration, how to do it

Registering your company's trademark can entail more complexities than you might think. Find it out here!

Copyright registration, how it works

Ensure your intellectual property. We offer copyright registration services to protect your digital creations.

Removing content from Bing

Defend your online image from unwanted content on Bing. We provide legal advice about removal services to safeguard your brand.

Removing content from blogs and forums

Manage your reputation on blogs and forums. We offer legal advice on content removal services to keep your online profile clean.

Removing content from Google

Monitor your presence on Google. We provide legal advice about content removal services to protect your reputation and brand online.

Removing online content, here's how to do it

Let's unveil the correct procedure for online content removal. If you encounter problems related to online content and don't know how to remove it, take a closer look here. Has your reputation been tarnished? Do you feel affected by the implications of content distribution that closely concerns you?

AGCOM sanctions

The Authority for Guarantees in Communications (AGCOM) can impose administrative sanctions. Let's see how AGCOM can exercise this power.

Gaming sites, obligations and sanctions: what to do

Navigate the world of gaming safely. We provide legal support for launching and managing online games.

Drafting Terms & Conditions for online e-commerce sales

Do you have an e-commerce website, or are you planning to open one? Would you like to ensure that it complies with current regulations to avoid sanctions and offer the best possible service to your customers? This is the page for you.

Protection of musical works: what you need to know

The protection and copyright of musical works and tracks fall under copyright law. For instance, have you just uploaded a video where a part of a well-known song is unintentionally played? Are you wondering if it's copyrighted and therefore whether the content could be removed or kept online? Let's delve into this area together.

Selling online via dropshipping, what is it and how does it work

Dropshipping is an excellent way to earn money without investing capital. To avoid possible sanctions and legal issues, it's crucial to comply with regulations. Contact our office to learn more.

Selling on marketplace

Whether you're a startup or an established brand, leveraging a marketplace can quickly boost your visibility, allow you to test the market, or immediately sell your products and services without investing in an online store.


Navigate YouTube with peace of mind. We assist you in drafting social media marketing contracts to protect your content.