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Polimeni.Legal is a firm specialized in digital law

Polimeni.Legal is the Legal Tech division of the firm and is coordinated by Attorney Antonino Polimeni.
Our team
Polimeni Law Firm was founded in 1972 and later in 1994 became the professional association named Polimeni & Cotroneo.
Attorney Domenico Polimeni, the original founder of the firm, was awarded the Golden Gown (Toga d’Oro) in 2022. The firm operates through local partnerships across Europe, as well as in the UK, USA, and Brazil.
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We consistently stay updated and never miss events in the digital realm.
The regulatory landscape in the digital world is constantly and rapidly evolving, with an ever-increasing number of guidelines and measures.
We attend events to make the latest developments accessible to each and all attendees.
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In the media:
The Fintech and Legaltech Society of the University of Oxford hosted Attorney Antonino Polimeni in 2020 to deliver a lecture titled "Contact Tracing Apps and Privacy: How they work and critical issues".
Lawyer Antonino Polimeni presented to the National Bar Council, ADR Committee, on the "P2B Regulation", particularly focusing on the mediation mechanism provided for merchants in disputes with marketplaces.
Polimeni.Legal was selected in the II Sole 24 ORE ranking among the "Law Firms of the Year" in 2022 and 2023, in the category "Privacy and Cybersecurity".
Our values
We believe in specialization, collaboration, and dialogue among professionals.
We enjoy storytelling and sharing what we do with the aim of increasing people's awareness in the regulatory field, especially in the domain of digital law.
Our publications
Writing books on digital law is the natural consequence of our desire to spread knowledge to all industry practitioners.
Not just textbooks: we have launched a series called "Il caso non esiste" which tells real stories and legal cases in a simple and accessible way, even for non-experts.
Legal E-commerce
A practical manual to handle the legal aspects of e-commerce, covering contracts, data protection, and disputes, with advice and real case studies.
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Il caso non esiste
Stories taken from the cases we handle every day, written in a simple and understandable manner, with the goal of raising awareness for those working in this field.
Privacy per digital marketers
A guide for web operators on data protection regulations, with insights on accountability, privacy by design, and data minimization, along with useful practical cases.
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The Responsibility of the Webmaster
Stories taken from the cases we handle daily, written in a simple and understandable manner, with the aim of raising awareness among those who work in this field.
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