Polimeni.Legal acts as a Mediator in commercial disputes relating to online intermediaries pursuant to the Platform-to-Business Regulation (P2B-Regulation) No 2019/1150.
We specialise in facilitating the settlement of disputes relating to the provision of online intermediation services of Marketplaces vs Business users taking into account the international services offered.

For many it is even a regulatory obligation!

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The solution to judicial abuse by Business Users is to provide for mediation attempts in the terms and conditions of your Marketplace or online search engine.
How? By select and appoint two specialised Mediators having deep knowledge of online intermediation and alternative dispute resolution services. can be your stable and qualified reference to avoid uncertain outcomes and costs. And not only!

You will also comply with the new European Regulation in force from 12th July 2020.
What are you waiting for? Here are some of our strengths

Judicial litigation minimization

If you receive our Mediation service, your Business customers will hardly prefer the uncertain times and results of the Court.

Quickly, effectively and affordable

You will reach an agreement with business users thanks to our bilingual legal service (IT and EN) with reasonable total costs for both parts.

Equal legal protection

The appointment of a Mediator
represents attention
and guarantee for your Client

Polimeni.Legal – specialised Internet lawyers

Polimeni.Legal is a Law Firm strongly committed to the needs of Entrepreneurs and Innovators in the Digital Economy and It provides advice for major tech events, like the IAB Forum, Web Marketing Festival, AdWorld Experience.

The Founder, Antonino Polimeni, is an Italian Lawyer, based in Rome. With 14 years of experience, he has in depth expertise in the fields of Information Technology, IP, Internet Law, Privacy and everything else which relates to online business.

He has written books and published several pieces of research in various journals which have led to him being quoted in many newspapers, such as the leading Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and The Guardian.


What does EU Regulation 2019/1150 provide for Marketplaces obliged to comply from 12th July?

They shall identify in their terms and conditions two or more Mediators with which they are willing to engage to attempt to reach an agreement with business users on the settlement, out of court, of any disputes between the provider and the business user arising in relation to the provision of the online intermediation services concerned, including complaints that could not be resolved by means of the internal complaint handling system